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Noise gate setting in SSM2166

Question asked by tao2020 on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by DaveThib


Regarding to noise gate set resistor (pin9) in SSM2166, our customer is asking a question.

If this resistor will be set 0 ohm, is there any problem in SSM2166?


They want to connect to GND at noise gate set (pin9) for reducing external parts.

According to figure 26 in datasheet, it seems that minimal set resistor is 500 ohm.

But we guess that if resistor will be set 0ohm, noise gate threshold will be approximately 20 mVrms by figure 5 in datasheet.

We understand that noise gate threshold can be set between 300 uVrms and 20 mVrms by this resistor (pin9).

Our understanding(guess) is correct?


Of course, we think that they need to evaluate the noise gate function with their application finally.