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AD-FMCOMM2-EBZ - ZED Cal Initiation

Question asked by Ed_V Employee on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by mhennerich

I am developing a bare-metal/no-os register loader/controller.  I can read and write the registers on the 9361 using the SPI port.
My question is related to what the proper sequence of register writes/read should be  to initiate a calibration of the tuner for the SDARS band.  Using a separate eval  board connected to a ZED board, I am able to read and write registers using the "direct_reg_access" from a linux shell prompt.  When initiating a calibrate command by writing a 0xfb to register 0x16,  the D7 and D6 bits are cleared upon reading, indicating the RX BB Tune and TX BB Tune cals have completed.  The remaining D5 thru D0 bits never clear, indicating RX Quad cal, TX Quad cal, Rx Gain Step
cal, DC Cal RF cal and DC Cal BB cal never completed.  Register 0x17 always show a 0x1f value.


Is there some other register read/writes that I need to perform to get the cal done.  Once I cal this part, I will not need to cal it again.