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adv7511 reference design SDK problem for zynq zc706

Question asked by nancy@zynq on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by DragosB


I am trying to recompile the reference design cf_adv7511_zc706 given at your site in the SDK environment. There are certain issues I am not able to solve. I am following the instructions given at the site for software setup.

Can you please answer the following queries:

1). After following the required steps build up shows files are missing like xil_io.h, xil_types.h. 

2). How to add the processor core in the BSP. As there is no core provided in the reference design SDK_WORKSPACE folder.

3). Is there a need to add new application project for the processor core ps7_cortex_a9?

4). I am attaching the snapshot of the SDK workspace. Even BSP is not able to modify Because of reading MHS error.