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Booting ADSP-21371 from serial Flash

Question asked by wojti on Jul 14, 2010
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I've got a working project on adsp-21371 and I can run it using an emulator. The problem is that I'd like to boot the device from flash slave. I have a flash device AT45DB161D connected to the processor in the same manner as on EZ-KIT for ADSP-21375. I created the .ldr file of my project with the default kernel (375_spi.dxe) and I tried to program the flash on my own but I can't hear the effects after unmountig an emulator and resetting the board.


I have some ideas what may be wrong, but so far I can only guess, hence for me the most important thing is that I'd like to check whether the flash is programmed (and generally manage the flash painlessly). I can show you the code of my flash programming attepts.

Could anyone suggest some code examples or ready solutions for programming the flash device of that type (or similar)?

Is it possible to manage AT45DB161(D) using the Flash Programmer tool in VDSP++ 5.0? If so, what are the steps?


I'd be soooo grateful for any help:)


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