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How to start (for a complete greener)

Question asked by Skfir on Mar 4, 2014
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Hello guyz!

I have a weird question, but hope that somebody would help. The idea is I have some small experience with electronics in general and a little bit with SigmaDSP in particular. I also did some simple programming of AVRs many years ago. I read about ARM7 processors and was amazed how simple and logical their assembler was. As far as I know Cortex M3 is a more advanced version of ARM7 core (am I wrong?). I would really love to start doing some programming for them, but I completely cannot understand from where to start! I looked at some arms from TI, but the datasheets were... 1300 pages!!! Jesus... Not very friendly for a beginner. So I am completely lost. There is so much information that getting lost is a inevitable. Could anybody please somebody help me to start? So I need probably some cheap development board and the most important, some beginners (who basically have very little experience programming) guide how to program those things?

Please help!! I am really eager to start, but have no idea how.