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Maximum Quality Factor

Question asked by dan_xerx on Mar 4, 2014
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Hello Bob/Brett,


Hope you don't mind if i ask another question directly from you guys.


The application that I'm working on requires extremely HIGH Quality Factor Q of at least 29, based on customer's specification of .05 - 0.5 bandwidth (octave). The woofer selects frequency range, bandwidth, and EQ level. Based on their relative position defines the filter settings. My problem is the high Q. Based on what I see on the Sigma Studio library, 16/15 is the actual maxima on all filters I've examined and tried. Is there a library/block for filters with HIGH Qs? or is there a way to improve the Q higher than 16? I'm using SigmaDSp ADAU1701 and Sigma Studio 3.9 build 2, rev1246.


Thanks a lot in advance!!!


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