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ADuC7060/61 Flash/EE erasure interrupt

Question asked by ricky on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by ricky

Hello everybody,


My customer would like to utilize the part of Flash/EE memory area for storing the calibration data at the beginning of measurements for his battery sensor module circuit.

To do this, he would like to use the page erasure and write operation to the Flash/EE memory.

He has two items to confirm with you as next;


1) About the operation of single page erase command “0x05” in FECON register; When single erase is executed, the next program step will be postponed until one page erasure has been completed ( it takes 24msec).The next program step will be executed after completion of one page erasure. Is this understanding correct?


2) During one page erasure operation, all of interrupt input will be pending even if enabled except Flash interrupt status. The Flash/EE interrupt is usable during 24msec. Is this understanding correct?


If any precaution exists for using Flash/EE memory, your advice would be very helpful.


Thank you.