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ADV7842 detected ADV7511 HDMI mode as DVI

Question asked by pandadolphin on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by pandadolphin
Mainly the problem is the HDMI receiver can't detect ADV7511 HDMI mode, only as DVI.
Below is my configuration for adv7511:
1. 0xAF[1] = 0x1      ; select HDMI mode
2. 0x44[4] = 0x1      ; Enable AVI InfoFrame
I've checked 0xC6[4] to confirm if the HDMI mode setting took effect, and it did.
Regarding Rx, I'm using two methods to see which mode is detected:
1. TV
2. ADV7842 on evaluation board
TV can play video, but no audio, since mode is detected as DVI.
By tool AVES2, I can see that NO AVI InfoFrame(AVI_INFO_RAW) has been received by ADV7842, and only detected as DVI mode.
My question is how I can find where the problem is. There are three parts I suspect:
1. AVI InfoFrame, somehow not sent
2. HDMI cable
3. A incorrect timing
I can provide more register settings if necessary.