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ADV7441A power sequencing

Question asked by Lionelwallace Employee on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by NanjundaM

I received this question from a customer:


I have the similar questions regarding the power sequencing of the ADV7441A HDTV Video Decoder

from Analog Devices:


- What will happen if we ramp up the power supplies in the following (opposite to recommended) order first DVDD33 (+3P3V) and TVDD (+3P3V) then --> DVDD, CVDD, TVDD, and AVDD (all  +1P8V)?

- What could be  the consequences of that power-supply sequencing?

- How does that affect the functionality of the device (in the long run)?


I believe the customer has already designed the board and just discovered this issue.  They'd like to avoid re-design if possible since they already have hardware.