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Problem with the BF592 frequency settings

Question asked by Subbero on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by jobo23

Hello everybody,


for my current project I am using the BF592. I've got problems while changing the frequencies to their maximum values on my own hardware.

First I use the function from the EZ-KIT called adi_ssl_Init() to initialize everything. In the appropriate header file adi_ssl_Init.h I changed the value of ADI_SSL_EXT_VDDINT to ADI_PWR_VLEV_140 as I am using 1.4V as VDDINT. VDDEXT is 3.3V and CLKIN is 25MHz.


Reading the clock vlaues after the adi_ssl_Init() function by using the function adi_pwr_GetFreq() I get fcclk = 150MHz, fsclk = 37.5MHz and fvco = 150MHz.


Now I tried to set the frequencies up to their maximum (400MHz,100Mhz) by using the function adi_pwr_SetFreq(0,0,ADI_PWR_DF_NONE).

Reading the freq values again I receive the 400MHz for fcvo and fcclk, but only 26.6MHz for fsclk. The value in the PLL_DIV register is 0x000F and therefore I got fsclk=400MHz/15.


I tried to change this value to 0x0004 after calling the funtion adi_pwr_SetFreq(0,0,ADI_PWR_DF_NONE) to set the fsclk=100MHz. The register then shows 0x0004, but the frequency value for fsclk seems to remain the same.


I hope anybody is able to help me.


Thanks in advance.