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ADV7630 HDCP Repeater, problem reading bksv count

Question asked by sjon on Mar 3, 2014
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I'm implementing an HDCP repeater using the ADV7630 hw. I'm following the instructions detailed in the Hardware User Guide, UG-399, but am having problems reading the BKSV_COUNT as described in the section HDMI Transmitters, HDCP Handling.  I have implemented the software flow chart from Figure 16 of the HW User Guide and I am testing with a Quantum Data 780, using its HDCP input test where it simulates 16 downstream devices. When I read the downstream BKSVs, the process seems to follow the steps outlined in the flow chart, except that I always read 0 from the BKSV_COUNT and BSTATUS register fields. The strange thing is that I am receiving multiple BKSV interrupts as expected, but when reading the BKSV_COUNT after the interrupt I still read 0.


Here's the pseudo code for my algorithm:


//turn power off

write reg HDMI_TXB_MAIN address 0x41 to 0x50


init the hdmi transmitter (turns power back on plus setup)




        // TXB HDCP_DESIRED(b7) = 1 (encrypted), FRAME_ENC(b4) = 1 (encrypted), HDMI_MODE(b2,b1) = 11 (HDMI selected)

        write reg HDMI_TXB_MAIN address 0xAF to 0x96



        write reg HDMI_TXB_MAIN address 0xAF to 0x06


read edid if necessary




        wait for bksv data to be ready, BKSV_FLAG_ST==1


        read BKSV0 through BKSV4


        //clear bksv ready interrupt

        write reg HDMI_TXB_MAIN address 0x97 to 0x40


        wait for bksv or hdcp done, BKSV_FLAG_ST==1 OR HDCP_CONTROLLER_STATE==4


        read the downstream device count and depth from BSTATUS(I always read a BSTATUS of 0x1000 here)


        for( ; (ret != HDCP_ENABLED) && (ret != HDCP_FAILED); ret = wait_for_bksv_or_hdcp_done(ADV7630_HDMI_TXB_MAIN, 200))


            // read the number of bksvs available

            read reg HDMI_TXB_EDID address 0xC7 (I always get a 0 here)


            read bksv_count bksvs from edid memory


            // clear bksv ready interrupt

            write reg HDMI_TXB_MAIN address 0x97 to 0x40





Any idea what I'm doing wrong? My understanding is that the BKSV_COUNT should be valid from the time BKSV_FLAG_ST==1 till I clear it. I also don't get why the BSTATUS doesn't show the proper device depth.