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ADL5561/2 specifications

Question asked by Nanoman on Mar 3, 2014
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The ADL5561 has a max power dissipation rating of 155mW (page 6 of datasheet). With a 3.6V supply and worst case quiescent current (44.5mA) the amp will dissipate 160mW which is outside the spec.

I can run the chip at a lower voltage but will the supply current increase with frequency? I would expect it to draw more power with a full scale output signal at 1GHz or faster. I'd like to ensure the device won't go pop before committing to a pcb.


The 5561 has a resistance tolerance spec of 10%, the 5562 is left unspecified but can I assume they are the same?


Is there a figure for noise on the common mode input? I might have to drive an additional device from one of the outputs (ie not differential) and the common mode noise won't cancel.


There doesn't appear to be a max output current spec.