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Making video system running Linux with ADV7511 on ZedBoard

Question asked by resalmon on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by larsc

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to develop the subj using reference design from here: http//

But I need a system with two images overlaying one another with some alpha mixing. One of them must go from PS (like here) and the another one must go from the PL.

I have drawn a Reference Design with v_tpg and axi_vdma cores connected to v_osd core (the 7z archive of my XPS project is attached).

Then I tried to launch Ubuntu on this design using this tutorial:

But Linux does not launch (the boot log LOG.txt is attached), though it works fine when I work with adv7511 Reference Design without changes.


As I understand, I have to rewrite the device-tree source for my custom Reference Design? So where can I find pieces of code for adding v_tpg or v_osd for example?

Or, maybe someone has already developed a system like my desired one?


Thank you in advance!