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ADV212 some questions

Question asked by haoxiuqiang on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by DaveD

When ADV212 is used in the still image compression, the input mode is the single-component input, ADV212 HIPI mode, the image width is 4096 pixels, each pixel 10bit, 64 is a line of the image frame, 4096 * 64 is sent to a ADV212, in this case ADV212 works. However, other conditions are the same, just change each pixel 8bit, 4096 * 64 is sent  to  a ADV212, I change parameter settings, PMODE1 REGISTER is changed from 0x”0118” to 0x "0014", ADV212 Firmware Parameter Encode Settings in PREC setting from "1" to "0", in addition, ADV212 parameter settings are the same, but ADV212 doesn’t work properly.When I  only change  MCLK and VCLK from 25MHz to  30MHz, ADV212 works properly, why this time PLL_HI set 0X0008, PLL_LO set 0X0006, so JCLK equal to 30MHz * 6 = 180MHz, the maximum value exceeds the manual 150MHz. To make ADV212 normal compression 4096 *64 (each pixel 8bit), how can I do?Where may be the problem?

In addition,hao many modes of operation does ADV212 haveWhat are they