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ADAU1772 filtering/dsp possibilities without SigmaStudio...

Question asked by robsoles on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by DaveThib

We are investigating codecs for their capabilities without involving I2S transfer to the host processor, ADAU1772 seems like a good candidate but I have come across a problem where the datasheet ( says


[quote=page 36]A complete list of instructions/processing blocks along with documentation can be found in the SigmaStudio software for the ADAU1772.[/quote]


Jump to the last paragraph if the next three look too long and you don't want to read them.


I tried a few different ways to get SigmaStudio to show me relevant information I could go on to use and I couldn't find it by manipulating an ADAU1772 in the interface nor by searching (and searching) the 'help' documentation either.


We just want control over three inputs mixed down to one output with up to 5 unique (IIR, Biquad) filters per input and up to 5 shared filters, inclusive of needing to update some of the filters on the fly.


Low latency is among our targets so I2S is undesirable even if only to save stuff all milliseconds. We think the AT90USB1286 is more than powerful enough to communicate adequately via I2C and read our pots and switches.



Can anybody just link to a reasonable level of documentation of how to manipulate which registers to meet our aims? Perhaps somebody can point out where I didn't look in SigmaStudio, or its documentation that really does answer this?