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H.264 codec in blackfin??

Question asked by sunil@Accord on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by sunil@Accord
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1) Is it possible implement both H.264 encoder and decoder in the same blackfin.

2) I have ADSP-BF527 EZ-KIT Lite, would I be able to compress live BT.656 format video input, so that the output rate should be less than 3.5Mbps.

     BT.656 format input is obtained using A-V EZ-Extender daughter card ( ADZS-BFAV-EZEXT  ) to which input is analog composite video.

3) What is the maximum resolution supported by BF527.

4) How to achieve HD or video resolution higher than D1 resolution video compression using H.264 BP encoder.


Kindly reply to this queries ASAP.