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ADT7461: Confirming how remote temperature is represented

Question asked by robg on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by robg

The manual indicates that there are two bytes used to represent the remote temperature (as opposed to the single byte used for local temperature).  Here is what I BELIEVE it means, I'm just looking for confirmation:


1) The high byte is the same as the local temp's the integer portion of the temperature.

2) The lower byte uses the two MSB to indicate what the fractional portion of the measurement is.


So in other words, the high byte might give a value of 10, and if the low byte is 0x80, then the complete remote temperature value is 10.50.  Similarly, if the high byte is -20, and the low byte is 0xC0, then the complete temperature is -20.75.


Is that correct?


If it is (or isn't), then do the remote temperature upper and lower limits work the exact same way?  I ask because those are also two bytes each, but there's otherwise no indication in the manual about how to set those.  So I have to assume at this point that I'd set them according to the same method that the remote temp is read.


Thanks for the help.