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Rx sense problem

Question asked by Junn on Feb 27, 2014
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Hi ADI  ,

We met another problem , I need your advice.


We have Rx sense problem with our sink ( using ADV3003 --> ADV7604) and customer source ( AD9889B).

-- I guess so that , but it might not be Rx sense. But I can not make sure now.


In a following condition , Source did not output TMDS Tx , he keep AD9889 power down mode.


1: Power on our sink before Source power on.

2: Source Power ON.

3:Source DDC start to read our EDID (--> Trigger with HPD H )

4:Source read EDID  but not once , he read 3 or 4 times re-read.

5:After that , sometimes TMDS Tx will be coming our sink , but sometimes not.

--> It looks like "Keep power down mode of AD9889B".


Then , my question is ;

How to wake up source AD9889B from power down mode by sink ?

* HPD toggle L/H again ?

* ADV3003 TMDS termination ( Tx EN of ADV3003 toggle 0--1) ?

* Or do you have another method of wake up source AD9889B from sink ?


We have not any detail information of source equipment.

--They had ADI's  evaluation board ?  How to implement their SW of AD9889B ?  --


Best regards,