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ADSP-21369 EZ-KIT & FAT16

Question asked by LMagalhaes on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Hey there,


Recently I began using the ADSP-21369 EZ-KIT and I'm still adjusting to the SRU way of setting the pinout. Still, I needed to interface the DSP with a SD-Card. I found the Application Note regarding the use of FAT16 and got the example code from the Analog Devices website. I've formatted my SD-Card to the FAT16 format and built a breakout board for the card.


Now, I'm using VisualDSP++ v5.0 and the first thing I've noticed while loading the FAT16_GUI example code is that I have to convert it to a new format. I open the plug-in, load the .dxe file and press Run. When I do this, I notice the CLK signal working, with some spikes before and after the pulses. When I click any of the buttons nothing happens. Either list directories or create a directory, nothing produces anything. I used the osciloscope to try and figure out what was happening and none of the other signals (CS, MISO and MOSI) seem to be working. At first I thought it had something to do with the pins, that maybe they weren't working properly. I disconnected the SD-Card breakout board and tried again with the pins floating and the result was the same. Also, when I was connecting the board, I noticed one of the data signals connects to a LED, so I loaded the Push-button example code in the Analog Devices folder and checked the pin signals in the osciloscope and the pins are working fine... Which is kind of odd to me since there is no definition of those pins (DPI11 and DPI12) in that example code...


Maybe I'm just too inexperienced with the DSP or maybe I'm missing something, if someone could help me with this I would appreciate it.