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Ready for circuit board design

Question asked by NerminOsmanovic on Jul 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by AlClark

I have almost completed my DSP algorithm implementation on the 21262 Eval Board, and now I am ready to start looking around for the best deal on creating the reference circuit board for my device. Basically I would like to find the best deal on a 3rd party company who can help me to design most efficient and cost effective reference circuit board that suits requirements for my device.

Can someone recommend which companies should I contact first? I'd highly appreciated.

Here are some specifications for my device:

-Power supply: 9V, 12V (on input)
-Battery powered, or via the DC converter
-Physical dimensions: 2’’ x 3’’ x 1’’ (width x length x depth)
-One button for mode selection/restart
-One switch for ON/OFF selection
-One LED indicator light (green/yellow/red)

More info: