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Problems with ADSP21262 JTAG interface and Building

Question asked by zhyf070202 on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by zhyf070202

My configurations are: Visual DSP++ 5.0, ADSP-21262SBBC-150 and ADZS-HPUSB-ICE.

The target board design has been confirmed with ADSP21262 EZ-KIT-Lite design reference and the appendix A in EE-68.

Question 1: Confirming with EE-175, ICE TEST was successful, but the JTAG frequency selection ‘Test’ couldn’t pass ‘Memory verification’.


Question 2: the CLK_CFG1:CLK_CFG0=1:0, which means CCLK:CLKIN = 8:1. When CLKIN is 10MHz or 13.3MHz, there are both ERROR

(0x80048008): Opcode scan: Do scan error.

JTAG scan failed-Check target power and emulator connection

DSP could not generate emulator interrupt

Why does this happen?

Question 3: BUT the target could be connected when CLKIN is 40MHz or 20MHz (also CCLK:CLKIN = 8:1)!


Question 4: Connect the target with 40MHz or 20MHz CLKIN(CCLK:CLKIN = 8:1), When I build any File, it’s OK. But when building the Project, there is always

‘Failed to set automatic breakpoint at ‘main’ ’!

Even building the ADSP21262 example in Visual DSP++ 5.0, there is the same error!

Why does this happen?

Please help me!

Thanks very much!