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migrating to ZC706

Question asked by FArid on Feb 25, 2014
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We got a new carrier board for our FMCOMMS1. So, we are trying to use ZC706 instead of our ML605 carrier board. I have few question for setting it up:


1) What is the right version of SDK should I use with ZC706?


2) Is No-OS source codes the same? Do I only need to change the carrier to XILINX_ZC706 in defInit in main.c? (If yes, why it gives me errors in build up, not recognizing Xil_In32 and Xil_Out32 and Xil_print, etc.)


3) How can I debug the source code using my breakpoints and etc.? Do I need to run ps7_init just once when I program the FPGA? What does ps7_init do exactly?



P.S.> I've downloaded the last version of fpga HW image as well as no-OS drivers from GitHub. Are they compatible now?


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