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AD9361 filter setting for 56MHz RF channel bandwidth

Question asked by apple.chen on Feb 25, 2014
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According to the description in AD9361 Interface Spec v2.5,

the RF channel bandwidth can reach 56MHz for 2T2R configurations in LVDS mode.


However, we can not find suitable register settings for Tx/Rx sampling rate both 61.44MHz

and RF channel bandwidth 56MHz in LVDS 2T2R configurations using the evaluation tool

" AD936x Evalulation Software".

The detailed configurations are shown in the following figures.




With the above configurations, the resulted Rx and Tx filter response at 28MHz are about -2dB and -4.5dB respectively,

as shown in the following figures. I think the magnitude responses are not good enough for our application.

The should be both less then  -2dB.



Moreover, when I push the "Create Init Script" botton to generate the low level scripting,

a warnning message appears as shown in the following figure.

It seems that AD9361 cannot reach RF channel bandwidth 56MHz when

Tx/Rx sampling rate both 61.44MHz  in LVDS 2T2R configurations.


Would you please help me for configurating AD9361 to reach RF channel bandwidth 56MHz when 

Tx/Rx sampling rate both 61.44MHz?


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