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regarding visual dsp ++ 5.0

Question asked by phani443 on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by MaheshN

i work on sharc dsp 21062 platform on the visual dsp ++ 5.0  tool . i,ve set the inputs from a file consisting of 1152 sample values,  but my program internally is accepting only 1088 samples as input in  the program. my program is application specific in this case , i am  supposed to use 1152 samples which is the length of the frame. from this  frame i generate 1152*2=2304 samples from an encoding algorithm, after  which i'll apply puncturing function, which whil puncture my 2304  samples with a rate of 3/4. that is the number of samples shold be a  multiple of 6(2304/6=384). but because it is accepting only 1088, i'll  get only 1088*2=2176 after the ecoding process and 2176 is not divisible  by 6. i am forced to use only 1152 samples in this case. how to achieve  this? or the processor's internal memory reads only 1088 at a time?  please help me out.

regards, phani tej