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A question about AD9915's OSK function

Question asked by Sercan on Feb 22, 2014
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AD9915 is configured as follows:

* CFR[8] , OSK Enable reg. bit is 1

* CFR[9] , External OSK Enable reg. bit is 0

* Pin 66, OSK pin is low (0)


* Profile-0 is disabled but is programmed for below:

  -  Freq. 100 MHz

  -  Phase: 0

  -  Amp: (what ever / for ex. 0.8)

* DRG is programmed for Amplitude and enabled.


Datasheet says that: "For OSK:manual mode, if OSK pin is low (0) then output should be 0."


Satır içi resim 2


But, we observe that IC's DRG function is running. Output is valid and it is the DRG - AMP usage which uses profile0's freq. & phase values.


Can you please share your opinion about this?

Does the AD9915 have some extra features which are not mentioned at the datasheet?

Or can our AD9915 IC or evalution board have a problem?


Thx for your attention and kind reply,