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VBI and CGMS of ADV7392.

Question asked by Tamu on Feb 20, 2014
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I have a question about VBI and CGMS of ADV7392.


There is a description about VBI on datasheet page.52 as follows:
"If VBI is disabled (Subaddress 0x31, Bit 4 for ED/HD; Subaddress 0x83, Bit 4 for SD), VBI data is not present at the output and the entire VBI is blanked."
Also, I got following comment from you as following thread.
>For CC and CGMS, firstly you will need to enable VBI data:
>Register 0x31 Bit 4 = 1 for ED/HD VBI data
>Register 0x83 Bit 4 = 1 for SD VBI data


But there is a description about CGMS and VBI on datasheet page.52 as follows:
"If CGMS is enabled and VBI is disabled, the CGMS data is, nevertheless, available at the output."


Which is correct?
Do we have to enable VBI data for CGMS?
Or can we enable only CGMS even if VBI is disabled?


Thank you.

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