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ADXL345 registers X Y freezes

Question asked by pentelone on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by ddowlingau



i got problem with ADXL345. I'm able to read id device, also i'm able to read value from configured registers, but not every time this value is right.

The main problem is with reading X Y  registers. For example when i hold horizontaly ADX345 i got some value, and when i tilt adxl a litle there is no change in value from register X0 and X1. Value is changing when i tilt adxl to vertical position or place it up side down. Holding it up side down, value change and again freezes and small moves doesnt take effect to any change. I tested ADXL345 on 1MHz clock and 2MHz. Observing spi bus on scope i noticed that nothing is going on when i tilt adxl a little. Also i noticed that when CS line is low ADXL sent FFFF value when im trying to register X0 or X1. Also i checked if values on uC are correct and they are. IS there any hope for my ADXL345 or it's dead? I attached screen during reading id registertek00000.png