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AD7609 common-mode input range, again

Question asked by rehfi on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by rehfi

We have some trouble interpreting the AD7609 common-mode input range in companion with the Absolute Voltage Input specification.


How exactly is "common mode" defined in regard to the AD7609 inputs? Does is specify how much a full swing signal can be offset from AGND, or something else?


How exactly is "Absolute Voltage Input" defined? Is this the voltage with respect to AGND that is allowed to be applied at the VIN pins, or something else?


If I have a full swing input (Vdiff = 20V) with the max. allowed common mode voltage of 4V (as example VIN+ = 14 V, VIN- = -6 V), does the Absolute Voltage Input specification have impact here?