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ADC 16 or 24 bit

Question asked by Nick123 on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by JohnnyG

Dear forum



I was looking for a ADC chip set with 16 bit or 24 bit resolution having capture buffer(FIFO) of 1024 samples and a interrupt line once capture buffer is half filled 512 samples the ADC interrupts the processor to read data from capture buffer (so basically capture buffer must work like FIFO) using SPI or any serial interface



data is sampled at the rate of 10 Hz to 1kHz

sigma delta ADC

power consumed must be of the order of 2 mW

each chipset can have single channel input or a multiple channel



if you have a chipset that consumed slightly more power then also please let me know or if you have a chipset with FIFO size lesser then also let me know



but mandatory criteria is FIFO is a must but FIFO length can be of any size i need 1024 but if it is 256 then also its fine

and power consumed must be low of the order of 6 mA