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ADV7513 configuration problem

Question asked by Smilence on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2014 by GuenterL

I met some problems in using ADV7513 in my design.


The condition is as following:

Input data: YCbCr 4:2:2 format,

                8bit color depth, embedded Sync,

                and ASP is 16:9, clock 74.25MHz.

                NO Audio data.

And the Data pin connection:



               NO H, V, DE.

According to the PROGRAMMING GUIDE, I think the InputID should be 2, and Style is 3.


let's consider a sepcific situation, the input video is 1080_60i

While, I expect the output format is RGB 4:4:4, DVI mode.


Now, when powering up the thip, the HPD state(0x42[6]) is HIGH.

Then, I start configure the registers referring to SECTION 3 - QUICK START GUIDE(p14) of the GUIDE.

Here are registers and value that I configured according to my conditon.

Address          Value

0x41[6]          0b0          //Power up circuit.

0x98                             //fixed registers setting.







0xf9          //values as Table 14  Fixed Registers That Must Be Set (Main Map)

//Video input format

0x15[3:0]     0b0010      //Video Format ID = 2

0x16[5:4]     0b11          //Input Color Depth for 4:2:2, 11 = 8 bit

0x16[3:2]     0b11          //Video Input Style, 11 = style 3

0x17[1]        0b1           //Aspect ratio of input video, 16x9 = 0b1

//Video output set

0x16[7]        0b0           //Output Format, 0 for 4:4:4

0x16[0]        0b0           //Output Color Space Selection, 0 = RGB

0x55[6:5]     0b00          //Output format - this should be written when 0x16[7:6], 00 = RGB.

                                   (PS:0x16[6] is reserved 0)

0x17[2]        0b1            //4:2:2 to 4:4:4 Up Conversion Method, 1 = use first order interpolation

0x56[5:0]     0b101010     //Picture Aspect Ratio, 10 = 16:9; Active Format Aspect Ratio, 1010 = 16:9 (center)

                                   (PS: I'm not sure the line above is needed)

0xAF[1]        0b0            //for DVI mode.




//Color Space Convert



0x2f                         //values referring to Table 32  HDTV YCbCr (Limited Range) to RGB (Limited Range)


//DE Generation

0x17[0]      0b1          //Enable DE Generator



0x3a                         //Values referring to Table 26  Register Settings for DE Generation


//H, V Sync generation

0x17[6:5]       0b00     //Vsync Polarity, Hsync Polarity



0x34                         //Values referring to Table 28  Register Settings for Embedded Sync Processing

                              (PS: H, V sync. adjustment is not used)



I'v tried for several days, but there is no video signal on display.

I checked the TMDS TCLK+/- signal, and the wave is as the picture attached shows.

Its frequency is about 30MHz, with a voltage around 3.0V

And other Tx*+/- pins are around 3.0V. As another picture shows.

I need your help.