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X,Y crosstalk problem in ADL5391 multiplier

Question asked by Binderman on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by jdobler

Hi all,


I'm designing a device for power measurement in a 13.56 MHz plasma source. I'm using an ADL5391 to multiply two signals proportional to voltage and current resp.

I used the Z input for adjusting the offset to zero with no input signals present.

Now if I apply a 13.56MHz signal to one of the inputs (other input is still zero) then a small DC offset appears at the output which seems to be almost proportional to the square of the (single) input signal.

My assumption is that there is a small amount of crosstalk from the X to the Y input and vice versa inside the chip that causes this square term to arise at the output.

The crosstalk is not external since I tried shorting the unused inputy directly at the pins. This makes no difference.


My question: Is my assumption correct and is this offset related to crosstalk? Would it be possible to correct this offset by applying a small amount of external crosstalk opposite in phase as a counter measure?


Thank you,