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Can not receive the last packet(CSW) of transfer by USB DMA when usb transfer bulk data

Question asked by seaemperor on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by seaemperor

I Work on BF609 EZ-BOARD. BF609 is host mode. I want to read same data repeatedly, size of data is 2M.


My program is that use USB DMA Mode 1, reset DMA setup after system interrupt , interrupt is occurred by system receive the last packet. Data of reset DMA setup are as follows:

  1. DMA count is length of last packet
  2. DMA address is my specified location
  3. DMA control is EN, IE and Correspondence value of DMA channel .

System interrupt when DMA transfer complete.


System receive bulk transfer completely when I first read data. System receive data which lack last packet(CSW) when I read data again.

I check DMA setup and status,just like first reading.


I tested a few condition:

  1. Size of data is 256K. System still does not receive the last packet when I read data again.
  2. DMA count is 64 bytes when reset DMA setup,first 32 bytes of buffer is not changed,last 32 bytes of buffer is changed.
  3. Modify data of buffer manually before reset DMA setup,system can receive last packet by DMA.


Why can system not receive the last packet(CSW) of transfer when I read data again?