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ADSP 21489 up to 450MHz

Question asked by MarcZ on Feb 19, 2014
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I've read that we can operate the ADSP 21489 up to 450MHz if we implement the Static Voltage Scaling recommended by Analog Devices. I am wondering if it is just a code change, to read the voltage from ROM and write it to the power supply and also change the PLL or if additional changes are needed? Would we still use the 25MHz clock that we are using right now to drive the processor input?


Also, when the PLL is reprogrammed to run at 450MHz, does this mean that all of our timer values used in the UART, PCG, PWM etc. also need to change?


Is there a code example that demonstrates the process of initially setting the PLL, then reading the voltage code, then updating the PLL etc?


Also, is there a single article (or collection of engineering notes) that explains all of this?


And finally, do all ADSP21489 have the ROM code that indicates the operating voltage, or only 450MHz versions?


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