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AD7766: What's the inside SAR core look like?

Question asked by jjw on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by jjw

Hello. I'm considering using the AD7766 for a project; it is a good fit in terms of cost/power/precision for my application. In looking for other options, I realized I would be interfacing with an FPGA and therefore implement my own digital FIR filter. I checked to see what just a 16 bit SAR 1MSPS ADC would cost, and priced out the AD7980. I was pretty surprised to see that the AD7980 was about twice as expensive. I'm probably oversimplifying the problem, but I am curious as to why that is. I did notice that the INL spec on the AD7766 isn't as good as other SAR options (that being the only difference I could see compared to the AD7767). Is there an ADC that most resembles the SAR core of the AD7766?