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ADAU 1701 CM pin, 47 or 10uf?

Question asked by MCastany on Feb 19, 2014
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This question is about the CM pin (40) in the ADAU1701. Reading the datasheet (Page 13), on the CM pin description, they say you have to connect a 47uF decopuling cap:


"1.5 V Common-Mode Reference. Connect a 47 μF decoupling capacitor between this pin and ground to reduce crosstalk between the ADCs and DACs. (...)"


My surprise came when I saw in the evaluation board schematics (adn the board it self) that connected to CM pin there was a 10uF cap (with a decoupling 0.1uF).


Is there any reason for using one cap or another, or it's just an error in the datasheet?


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