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ADV7623 Resister setting value.

Question asked by WookPark on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Dear Sir.


This is Wook Park of AWC in Korea and working in the distributor of Analog Device.

Position is DFAE and have some quections about ADV7623.

Our customer is develop the AVR System using ADV7623.

When change the port from A to B or B to A, sometimes their board has a noise in the HBR audio mode

We tried to clear this issue, we still have it.

When we checked this issue, we could find below resister in the datasheet.

I would like to get below resister information ASAP for check customer's board.

Could you please check our quecstion for me???

And please check attacted file.





I think this mode is audio setting mode.

For example, when use the HBR audio, we can choose 4 channel I2S or SPDIF mode.

This mode is function of audio interface.

Our customer is using only I2S 4channel.





Mode : Audio pass through

Using the I2S 4 Channel

    I think when they use the SPDIF Mode, they have to set to “0”

    But they are using I2S 4 Channel for HBR audio, they have to set to “1” right?

    I2C Resister is set from I2S_SF Value.

    So they have to set to “1”.