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SMC_ABE pins usage in BF609 SMC asynchronous reads

Question asked by Sue.Wu Employee on Feb 18, 2014
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When read BF609 HRM 0.5 for SMC usage, it says as following


The SMC does indirectly support 8-bit accesses through the additional byte enable signals SMC_ABE0 and

SMC_ABE1. Some 16-bit memory systems allow the processor to perform 8-bit reads and writes, which are

selected through the SMC_ABE0 and SMC_ABE1 signals.

The byte enable pins are both low during all asynchronous reads and 16-bit asynchronous writes.


my questions is whether SMC can support 8-bit read, if it can do, how about the SMC_ABE0 and SMC_ABE1 pins?

Can anybody help me make this clear? thanks!


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