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DAC to ADC loopback from a new IPCore

Question asked by farshid on Feb 18, 2014
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I work on DAC to ADC loopback from a new IPCore on ZC702 and FMCOMMS1. I have tested "no-os" with RF and also without RF by modifying the board and connect the AD9122 to a function generator receving the IQ signals by chipscope after ADC.


Now, I want to make a new ipcore (until now I am just familiar with PLB, but i think should to make a new ipcore with AXI) and loopback ADC outputs (two 14 bits port) to DAC inputs (two 16 bits).


Do I have to make a new ADC/DAC interface? or I can use the existing one with some modification?


I have reviewed this thread:

and some others about adc/dac ipcore, but I haven't got my answer.


thanks in advance