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AD7324 sequencer

Question asked by siauhwa on Feb 17, 2014
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I got the AD7324 working fine without sequencer on.  Mode is fully dffierential (Mode1=1 and Mode0 =0).  Now, I want to use the sequencer to automatically switching between diff input pair -1 and diff input pair-2.

I set AD7324 sequencer on ((Seq1=0, Seq2 =1).   and (Mode 1 =1, and Mode 0=0 (fully differential)).  And Sequence Register sets to Vin0=Vin1=Vin2=Vin3 = 1 (all selected).


How is the sequence going to be ? I expect it will go through first sequence of pair-1 (fully diff input pair of Vin0-Vin1) and then  the second sequence , pair-2 of diff input (Vin2-Vin3).

Is it right ?


And should I give 2 x 16 SCLK to clock the 2 channels data out ? The first 16 SCLK will give the conversation output of thefirst pair of diff input and then the second 16 SCLK will give the second output ?


Thank you