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ADV7533 debug issue

Question asked by taoist.ding on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by joe.triggs

Signal chain:  main processor MIPI-DSI interface to ADV7533 MIPI-DSI interface to ADV7533 HDMI interface, ADV7533 chip version: 0x14



1.       1.debug followed by the “Section 3 quick start guide” of  the ADV7533 programming_guide document.

2.       2.The main processor MIPI-DSI interface has been configured also refer to this document.

3.       3.There’s no image signal be output at the ADV7533 HDMI TX port.

4.       4. If switch to ADV7533 internal ‘ test pattern’ ,  can find image output at the HDMI port.

5.       5.  confirmed that ADV7533 has got the SOT (start flag bit) signal.

    6.  resolution: 720p

    7. use 3 lanes

    8.  all the 3 lanes and clock lane signal intergity is no problem.

There should be something wrong with the register setup, could anybody help to provide an example for the register setup? or give the comment how to debug this part. thanks


register setup files be attached