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AD8330 negative supply?

Question asked by Sholva on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by iamPhil


I'd like to ask you about AD8330. There is a statement in datasheet:


"The general common (COMM) and the output stage common (CMOP) are usually grounded as shown in the Figure 57; however, the Applications Information section shows how a negative supply can optionally be used."


Sadly there is no information about this at Applications notes in datasheet. I have downloaded model and connect negative supply at pin COMM and CMGN. To be able to run system i have to offset gain control by negative supply. It works at simulation.


My question is can i do this in real?


Maybe i should add reason why i want do this. I have single ended source with zero offset. I need to measure even DC part of this signal. Unfortunately i have found in simulation that input is protect by diode connect to COMM. I know that i can make differencial ended input by forexample fully differential amplifier but i want to improve noise,offset and power consuption performance as much as i can.


Thank you for your advices and i m sorry for my english and my lack of knowledge. I am working on my bachelor degree work.