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ADV7619 : Question of ADV7619 Software Manual.

Question asked by aimPoint on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by aimPoint

Hi all.

I confirm the update of ADV7619 SWM.
And I found that there are multiple difference between HUG and SWM.

#1 Page 86 HDMI map 0x48[0] RNG_OSC_PDN
This bit is not describe in HUG.
When will HUG update this description?

#2 Page 89 HDMI map 0x73[0] DDC_PWRDN
This bit is difference of describe between SWM and HUG.
The HUG is correct?

#3 Page 112 CP map 0x3D[7:0] CP_HUE
This bits are more information in HUG.
The HUG is correct?


Best regards.