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AD7746 Reading capacitance from both channels

Question asked by jarro on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Wa$iM

Hello community,


I am trying to read capacitance value for two different capacitors using the two channels of the AD7746. So far I have had success reading correct information from a single channel and I was wondering if there are recommendations for reading both channels. Do you think the best option is to use single conversion? If it is then what should I do to get another conversion from the devices, should I restart the CDC? I have tried disabling the capacitance conversion but it did not work.

Can I get the capacitance of both channels using continuous conversion? If I use continuous conversion, should I enable and disable the excitation channels every time I want to read data?

I am using the CAPDAC with the same value for both channels, so I write to the register just once. Is this wrong? I keep getting the correct value for the first channel only and 0xFFFFFF for the second channel.

Thank you.