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AD811AR: Suggestion for good power dissipation layout

Question asked by larsen on Feb 16, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by larsen

Our design will be dissipating 1W in the AD811AR (SOIC16-W). What is the best way to keep it cold?

  1. We have good forced ventilation.
  2. We could glue a small heatsink on the device.
  3. But for the PCB mounting and layout - what is the best choice?
    1. Obviously we will have a ground and power plane and plenty of vias to go there, but the heat will have to pass through the tiny pins.
    2. We could put a copper layer and a bunch of vias under the chip and put a bit of heat paste underneath - don't know how this will work with reflow though - paste is probably not a good idea.
    3. The NC pins are noted to be don't-connect, but  we could put an extended area pad on each to spread heat. Is that a good idea?

Any suggestions are welcome