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Analog/Digital(I2S) selectro for ADAU 1702

Question asked by SpeakerDude on Feb 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Yagami


I have a design where I use ADAU1702. I have two audio input sources to my system that I want to be able to select between:


Source (1): I2S stereo digital channel from a Bluetooth module


Source (2): Analog stereo channel input from a line in jack.


I wonder if someone can help me (show a SigmaStudio schematic) how I can implement the following function:


Select analog stereo input if I/O#X=high


Select I2S digital stereo input if I/O#X=low


I will do the same audio processing for the both signals so I just need an I/O-pin-controlled stereo mux.


Is pin "2" in the input block the "left channel part" of I2S stereo input (SDATA_IN0) and pin "3" the "right channel part"?


Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!


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