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ADAV801: Change LRCLK at Serial Output Port from 96kS to 192kS

Question asked by Torsten on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by BrettG

if I use these settings (please see attachment for more information), I measure
a LRCLK of 96 kS/s on the I2S interface at the serial output port, but we need 192 kS/s . Which register settings would be
necessary for it?

If I put a 192 kHz SPDIF as input, I have clicks in the audio signal.
I read out register 0x1A (SRC Error) and get 0x08, if the  SPDIF input signal is 96 kHz, the reading of register 0x1A returns
the value
0x00 and the clicks disappears.


Can you reproduce this on your Eval-Boards?