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ADF4158 for low frequencies

Question asked by electrosoni on Feb 13, 2014
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I am using the ADF4158 for a couple of designs since it has the capability to generate triangular ramps. But now I need to generate that triangular ramp in the range 100 MHz (or lower) to 500 MHz and according the datasheet  minimum RF input is 500 Mhz. I was looking for another fractional PLL that could reach that range and generate a triangular ramp and I could not find any alternative (DDS is not an option).

Could you recommend any other device that could fit with that requirements? (i.e. range 100 MHz (or lower) and automatic ramp generation)

I was also looking for a frequency divider for the output of VCO but I could not find any part suitable. Any suggestion?


Regards, Rafael