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ADAU1701 I2S In - Stereo Out

Question asked by dan_xerx on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by dan_xerx

Hi There,


My project consists of ADAU1701 as a slave feeding I2S signal from another IC (HDMI converter - EP94Z3E). The 1701 receives the I2S and outputs it as an analog stereo. Digital IN, Analog OUT. I have verified the four signals coming out from the HDMI - MCLK_IN, INPUT_LRCLK, INPUT_BCLK, SDATA_IN to be present (haven't verified yet if it's correct) under a scope but the output from the 1701 is just pure NOISE. I have tried both the finished board and the MINI evaluation, neither output is eligible.


How can I verify if the DSP program is correct (routing and hardware config)? Is there a way to verify that the digital input coming in is correct?


Attached are the hardware config from the studio.