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CLI and STI Blackfin 537

Question asked by hacke on Feb 13, 2014
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I have a question about CLI and STI

I have 4 different SPI circuits in my hardware design (AD, DA, FRAM and a Display)

My application architecture is a main loop and 2 interrupt routine.


The main loop executes every 30 second, and one of the interrupts is a timer interrupt that

executes 200 times/second.


My problem is that i have to access the SPI bus both in my main loop and in my timer ISR, and

sometimes the timer ISR interrupt my current SPI transfer with it's own SPI access.


My question is if it's possible to guard all SPI transfers with CLI/STI ??

Will my timer ISR be triggered after the STI, or will i miss interrupts

between the CLI/STI section ??