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ADAS3022 CFG Readback

Question asked by pervk on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by maithil

ADAS3022 CFG Readback question. On page 33 of the datasheet, there is as CFG Readback section. Will that feature give me back the CFG data for the channel that was read out ? For example, at the EOC, CFG for channel (n + 2) is sent on DIN and data for channel n is sent back on SDO.

If CFG (n+2) is then sent again on DIN (to create SCKs) without toogling CNV, is CFG for channel n then sent on SDO ? Therefore one can correlate the data with the value in the CFG that was sent back ? Or does it send back the CFG (n + 2) that was just sent on DIN ?